Built to last

We’ve got over a decade of manufacturing experience and stick to a simple promise: to design and manufacture quality furniture for the way you live today. And every day hereafter.


Design philosophy

All our furniture is made from natural birch plywood and finished with oil wax. Most of the plywood we use is CARB2 (free of formaldehyde), FSC certified.


Materials sourced with care

We obtain wood, prefabricated components and other materials from partners we know and trust. This ensures that everything we put into our furniture meets our standards for beauty and performance and respects both the people that made them and the environment that created it.


Custom furniture made easy

Our design and engineering teams are dedicated to realising your ideas from concept to creation - or anywhere in between. There are countless ways to make your furniture unique.


By making our furniture using only sustainable raw materials, we reduce and limit the environmental impact of the entire supply chain

We use Osmo and Treatex toned waxes, which are produced using state-of-the-art production methods. They ensure the best possible protection of your furniture, are environmentally friendly and suited for all interior wood surfaces.


We make furniture that lasts.


Our furniture is environmentally friendly and sustainable. We believe that if we take care of nature, then nature will take care of us.



Most of our furniture are finished by hand. Each order is unique and made according to your specifications.


Our designs are subtle but distinct. Our furniture adds character to every home or office. Or home office:)


Made from birch-veneer, which is a natural, understated yet robust material. Always finished with an ecologically clean oil-wax. All drawers and doors close silently.


Our furniture is made to order. You chose the colour and style and we make it happen.

Made in Estonia

Our furniture is designed and hand made in Estonia from locally sourced raw material. Our plywood comes either from Estonia or Finland, which is just a hop-skip-and-jump away. We are a family business and make furniture that makes sense to us. Furniture that lasts for generations, not until the next fashion cycle. Furniture that is sustainable, made with birch plywood from sustainably grown forests.


In fact, plywood is a truly Estonian product. In 1897 the Luther furniture factory in Tallinn invented waterproof plywood glue and in the same year established Venesta in London. In 1931 they established Isokon, which has gone into the history books with modern design plywood furniture. Isokon made furniture together with such world famous Bauhaus designers like Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer. During the 30’s Isokon even commissioned work from Le Corbusier’s studio.


So it is no understatement to say, that plywood is our thing!

All the products are produced in Tallinn, Estonia. Please have a look what kind of place with fresh ideas and independent minds it is - estonia.ee

Raul Abner

Self-taught furniture designer who takes fanciful ideas and turns them into practical applied art.


“Wood has been my passion, hobby and work for over 40 years. Although I haven’t studied design, I’ve got an eye for what works. None of my designs has ever been created just for aesthetic reasons. Each piece of furniture has to have a clear function and idea behind it.”

Veiko Liis

Design is the personal (purchase) decision of each person to determine the quality of the environment around him.

“Each person is a designer. With the choice of furniture, each human ultimately designs his/her own surroundings. Choosing a style should be based on an inner feeling and furniture design and appearance should have a deeper symbolic meaning than just being a thing. Furniture plays an important role in our homes. Our home should be just that right and inspiring environment for our every day lives to play out.”

Sylvia-J. Annus 

Design Office Jokoko, designer of table EDI
"Good design is based on need. A well-designed product makes our life easier, happier and more logical. "

Sirli Ehari

Shelf IVI designer

"I have graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts of product design profession and am a member of the Estonian Association of Designers."

Mauri Abner 

“We got started as a family business in 2010 by making and selling garden furniture. We realised quite quickly, that we had a lot more to give and moved indoors. Today most of our production crosses borders, mainly to Germany, France and the UK.”

Radis is a member of Estonian Furniture Industry Association and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.